Professional Domain Registrar and website hosting team in Dubai:

It all started when the problems being faced by online client started getting bigger and bigger day by day. When they were not given the work as promised and the privacy terms were also not met. People were not given full ownership of their domains and hosting. We started to ponder upon this and gathered up all the suggestions and came upon this result that we should open our own hosting website. So we started together to provide professional hosting assistance and we created a team dedicated to website hosting. 

What is Web & Hosting?

Web & Hosting is an expert web hosting provider based in Dubai where we are offering suitable and secure data storage so that you don’t face any inconvenience. 

It is not about the big or small business to which we give importance but it is the trust that everyone puts into us and in return, whether big or small the business our team members show equal professionalism to all of them. We started a professional web hosting with affordable rates. Our expert website hosting team works round the clock 24/7/365 to go beyond your expectations to give you what you really deserve.

Our Mission